Believing in our own inner truth of peace and love inside,I trust that we human beings, need to free ourselves from standard rules /ways of thinking and feelings from our visible and invisible experiences in this world and life,and also from our past - and we must trust our own faith and truth of love inside our own heart and soul, because I trust that is where we feel our true inner faith of love and peace in our connection with the universe of divine love -that is connected with the roots of all universal creation with respect,love, peace,joy and gratitude.

With other words,our intuition has to be felt from our own inner truth,otherwise it will be "mixed" by outer surroundings and other people,and what we think is behaving and feeling from our own inner intuition will not only be our own inner intuition but mixed with our outer experiences and other peoples personal "luggages" that all people have from life experiences.


To feel our own inner intuition of truth,its my belief that Silence =Emty space hidden inside each person has to be felt and found,and then one language of all hearts and souls can be felt and shared.


"Birds fly freely,when they with timeless time, do not carry any luggage,and trust their own inner intuition"


May timeless time, bring more human beings to feel inspired, towards the feeling of conscious love and peace inside themselves and this way also helping creating sharing -more love -peace -hope and joy in the whole worlds consciousness.

With and In Love and Peace and Gratitude.

Karen Helsted